Iro Zoubopoulou | Psychoanalyst

Ηρώ Ζουμποπούλου | Ψυχαναλύτρια Athens Gr | Cambridge UK

Mothers & Daughters

When: 10 March 2018

Where: Alliance Française of Cambridge, 60 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1LA

Time: 2pm to 3pm

Tickets: Free Event

Many women are led to knock the door of a psychoanalyst due to difficulties, misfortunes or tribulations they come across in life. During the course of their analysis they discover that the deeper cause lies in the relationship with their mother. The mother-daughter relationship is decisive for the daughter’s life choices, as well as her development throughout her life. Form quite early, the mother is the one who provides the infant with food, safety, protection and comfort.

Under which conditions, however, is this affectionate relationship possible to be transformed later in life to a field of rivalry, jealousness, or resentment? What is at stake behind the antagonism? Is it possible for the passionate maternal love to be harmful?

According to psychoanalysis, the mother is the first love-object of the daughter and, inevitably, the traits of this relationship will echo later in her life. This extraordinarily important relationship carries a deep complexity. The purpose of the talk is to illuminate and explain the dark, not so well known, sides of this unique relationship, using the psychoanalytic teachings of Freud and Lacan. Only if one understands deeply, will be able to forgive, feel relieved, be liberated and move forward in life, using this knowledge to her advantage.

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